Dec 21, 2013

Book 18: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Here is another book I have been hearing about and I thought I would pick up as my bed time reading.  It took me longer to get through than I thought it would considering it is a Young Adult novel.

It is a story if a young foster German girl living in Nazi Germany.  It is also a story narrated by death, who is very busy at this time in history.  It is a good book, it is a different kind of book.  It is a tear jerk-er.  It is a book not for the younger YA audience but for those who are a bit older.  I say this only because I am not sure my preteen would be able to follow and go along with the jerkiness of the story.  It is not a smoothly narrated story instead it has weird breaks and interjections.

Definitely  worth the read.

Not sure what it up next.  I am reading some "parenting" type things right now, and of course working through my final short stories of Fitzgerald.  I may pick up a loner newer book, or try to read some DH Lawrence that I downloaded.

Short Stories 48-52: various Fitzgerald stories from 1926-1927

The Adolescent Marriage
Your Way and Mine
The Love Boat
Jacob's Ladder

Full Reviews at Fitz. Musings

It took me forever to read these, but I finally did- whew.  I think the best of this bunch is The Adolescent Marriage, The Love Boat and Jacob's Ladder.  Presumption is good and Your Way and Mine is terrible.

Dec 1, 2013

Hair: Month 2

Month 2 of growing out my hair- I have been very good with not using styling products and I have only used my hair dryer twice, and only for times that I needed it.  I still have been drying my bangs, and I have had them trimmed this past month.

This month I had finished using Liggets bar shampoo and have moved on to a handmade shampoo bar from Chagrin Valley, but I will show you about that next month.  My head was getting a tad itchy, so I am applying a lime water rinse which seems to be helping. 

I still have not gotten the hang of taking pictures of the back of my head....
And in comparison-
Not sure there is much difference, but I did pull this from my files.  It was taken back in September of 2012.
So in the past year I have had some growth.