May 18, 2014

Abandoned Book 1: Lizzies War, by Tim Farrington

If I am chronicling all my reading I think I need to also talke about the books I start but abandon for whatever reason.

The first book is Lizzies War- By Tim Farrington

It was a book recommended to me off Amazon, I am not sure why or if it was one I found highly rated on an Amazon Deal.  I did downloaded it and gave it a try.

I got about half way through the story and finally gave up.  I won't say it is a horrible book, but in the end I just did not care about the characters or what was going to happen.  Or maybe I saw where the book is going and just didn't care.

There was some parts that felt like they were added for effect but had no bearing to the story like the drive through Detroit during the riots and the kids almost being blown up at the gas station.  Is there a reason why the kids needed to be put in peril?  It did not seem to come back around, and felt too dramatic for the story of an everyday military wife dealing with her husband in Vietnam.

I did not realize that this story was written by a man, I guess when I was reading it I assumed it was written by a woman.  That may have something to do with it.  Not that I don't believe men can write believable women  because there are some great examples out there, but I think it is hard for any writer to really get inside the mind of another gender and do it well.

Oh well.  I decided to give up on this one and I moved on to The Fault in Our Stars.