Jul 7, 2015

Book 75: Zebra Forest by Adina Rishe Gewirtz

I selected this book for a Mother-Daughter book club selection.  I think it is a good book for such a read.

Zebra Forest is about a sister and brother who know next to nothing about their parents.  They only know that Mom abandoned them and that Dad was dead.  Gran has moved them to a new area and is acting strange and using a different name.  One day an escapee from the neighboring prison finds his way into the home and family secrets are revealed.

This is not a light book.  Like To Kill a Mockingbird, Zebra Forest does not shy away from larger uglier parts of life.  The book does not talk down to children.  Audrey has not yet read this, so I can't say how she is going to respond, but it is a book that I very much got into reading.  I do recommend this book.