Aug 13, 2013

Book 6- Beautiful Fools by R Clifton Spargo

 In 1939 Scott and Zelda took a trip to Cuba, it was to be the last time they ever saw each other.

I knew little of their trip to Cuba.  I knew it was the last time they saw each other and that Scott was involved with his mistress, Sheilah Graham back in Hollywood.  I went into this novel with a fairly clean slate (for someone as obsessed with FSF as I am).  I had also just completed "Call Me Zelda" by Erika Robuck, and was quite frustrated with her portrayal of the couple.

Where Ms. Robuck drew Scott and Zelda as caricatures of their public images, Mr. Spargo seems do downplay the couple.  I guess my biggest criticism is I didn't feel the presence of the Fitzgeralds in this novel.

After completing the novel, I consulted with Matthew Bruccoli to see what was written of the Cuba trip.  What is known is in the novel, so the premise is true, with the author fleshing out the possible details.  It is what I would expect from a novel based on true events.  I just found the details sort of flat.  Maybe not enough Scott and Zelda.  Not enough of the tension and the love and the connection they had for each other.

My take away is that it is neither good nor bad, just neutral.  For summer reading it is OK, but I don't know if I would recommend it.

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