Oct 7, 2013

Book 13: Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

I had heard about this book while on my summer road trip and wanted to read it, I finally got it on my kindle.

I enjoyed this book, and feel like it deserves a second read in the not so distant future, this is a book that I think will give deeper meaning on the second reading after knowing where the story goes.

As much as I liked the liked the book and will recommend it, I have to say I likes some parts more than others.  The beginning was amazing, once I got use to the writing device of Ursula dying and her rebirth, I found the details of how her life changed fascinating.  I like how Atkinson dealt with Deja Vu, I especially found this true in Ursulas's early life.  Later in the book, when we are dealing with WWII I found she lost the deja vu aspect, and I found the story dragging a little.  As morbid as it sounds I kept wanting Ursula to die so I could get another string of her life.  I was confused with the ending, and still wonder what the whole point of it.  Maybe it is nothing more that just what if, and maybe the deja vu we feel is real.