Oct 2, 2013

Short Stories 33-37: The 1920-1922 cluster stories

33. The Smilers
34. Myra Meets his Family
35. Two for a Cent
36. The Cruise of the Rolling Junk
37. The Popular Girl

I am liking this idea of clustering the remaining Fitzgerald stories.  The groupings are manageable, and I am able to figure out where he is in life.  This cluster let me finish up 1920-1922, however, I was unable to get my hands on The IOU or Recklessness.

Again, I have more in depth posts over at Fitzgerald Musings, but out of this cluster my favorite was The Popular Girl, followed by The Cruise of the Rolling Junk.

Next cluster will be 1930-1931 including:
Two Wrongs
The Bridal Party
One Trip Abroad
Babylon Revisted
The Hotel Child
A New Leaf
A Change of Class
Between Three and Four