Mar 24, 2014

Book 23: Sometimes Madness is Widsom by Kendall Taylor

I have often said I am not a fan of Zelda.  This is mostly due to the fact that most biographers feel they need to blame one of them for destroying the other.  There has been a surge of love for Zelda (which is not undeserved) but at the expense of Scott, and I have a hard time when I read that.

In this book, Kendall Taylor seems to do a good job of presenting a balanced view of the pair.  Neither one is solely responsible for the others misfortunes.  I liked the balanced reporting I found in this narrative.  I found Zelda interesting and tragic.

The only criticism I have is that in the final chapter, it seems like Ms. Taylor undid all the balanced reporting and heaped a bunch onto Scott (which seems so easy to do).  I am willing to overlook this and move on. 

I have read too many biographies on Zelda that sensationalize and place blame, and seem to have an agenda that I am unable to recommend those books, but this one I feel comfortable recommending.