Mar 21, 2014

Short Stories 53-74: Various FSF short stories

Wow- it has taken me a long time to update my reading list.  School has kicked back in and I just have not had the time to get everything noted.  I was hoping that this wouldn't happen but instead of beating myself up about it I will just get it all out here and hopefully be better about it in the future.  As always, I will have more details on the Fitzgerald short stories on my Fitzgerald Musing site, just follow the links.

Read in January:
The Fiend
Night in Chancellorsville
Zone of Accident
The Intimate Strangers
The Passionate Eskimo
Shaggy's Morning

Read in March:
One Interne
The Pusher-in-the-Face
The Third Casket
The End of Hate
Six of One-
New Type
Her Last Case
No Flowers
I Got Shoes
The Family Bus
The Rubber Check
One of my Oldest Friends
Not in the Guidebook
John Jackson's Arcady
The Unspeakable Egg
Diamond Dick and the First Law of Woman