Aug 1, 2014

Book 37: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

I finished this book about a week ago, and I have been having a hard time writing about it, because I have a hard time explaining the book and why I enjoyed this one even if it is similar to other books I would bash.

First, it is a romp.  By that I mean it is not a serious book, I liken it to Dr Who.  It wears it corniness on its sleeve and hides nothing.  You take it on face value and run with it rubber monsters and all.  How can you not?  It has characters like Thursday Next, Jack Schitt and Acheron Hades and his brother Styx.  The plot of the story is far-fetched by having the ability to travel not just back in time but back into a book.  So you really can't get hung up on the feasibility and contradictions. 

I think I was able to get into this book, because I did not get hung up on the names and the writing style was OK.  I have definitely come across writing that I just find distracting and cannot move forward with it.

Jasper Fforde has a whole series with Thursday Next and this alternate world he has created.  I don't think I will be plowing through this series right away, but I do think I will keep it in mind for when I am looking for a lighter book and maybe for times when I am taking life just a bit too serious.