Aug 17, 2014

Book 41: Never Let me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

I just got done reading Never Let Me go and I still have all the feeling the book has stirred coursing through me.

This is a very quietly written book about a girl who is an organ donation clone.  However, this is not a book about organ donation, but instead about her experience of growing up.  It is not a sensational book, there is no big reveal, instead the reveal is disturbing in a introspective way.  It is not a book to question the legitimacy of cloning, although you could use this book to argue that. 

It is a book that is so much more than science fiction, it is a book of coming to terms with your purpose in life, navigating the world, and understanding that we are all just living and getting by.  There is much that this book delves into, and as I sit here what I want to do is cry and embrace the cocktail of feelings and emotions Kazuo Ishiguro has created in me.  It is a beautiful book.