Sep 19, 2014

Book 43: Never Let Me Go by Kazou Ishiguro

I am so in love with this book, as you may have figured out since I have read it twice in 2 weeks (and a 3rd book in-between).

I really wish I had a way of recommending this book with out giving it away and still impart the scope of what the story is trying to convey.  And I wish I was able to express the wonders of Ishiguro's prose.

I want my friends to have the same experience with this book that I did.  It is always a risk to recommend a book that had a profound effect on you and hope they have the same reaction.

The truth of it is, I just need to give them a copy, let them read it and see what comes of it.

I did also see the movie that was made of the novel.  It was a good movie, but I didn't feel the intimate connection with Kathy I got from reading it.  I think it would be hard to convey, but with that I would recommend the movie.  I would definitely  recommend reading the book before seeing the movie on this one.