Jan 20, 2015

Book 57: Short Stories by Fitzgerald

After I had finished with reading Fitzgerald's short stories, I had wanted to put together my own reading lists, but since it took me forever to get through the list and my retention is horrendous I have to reread and make some better notes.  I am hoping this will be better as I have already read the stories and know what I am looking for.

Right now I am hoping to follow up on stories that would have been written around the time of This Side of Paradise. I recently finished:
The Ordeal
The Debutante
The Spire and The Gargoyle
Sentiment and the Use of Rouge
The Pierian Spring and the Last Straw
Babes in the woods
These were all written before TSOP and is considered his apprentice fiction.  I want to pull out The Debutante, Sentiment and Rouge, Pierian Spring and Babes in the Woods as stories I want to categorize and collect.

What exactly am I trying to collect?  I want to pull out the stories of new, young love and its journey, I also want to pull out stories I particularly like.  Of the ones I pulled out Sentiment does not really fit in the first category, but I like it because it is very insightful and interesting on the discussion and views of how morals loosened due to the war.

 I also like The Ordeal which deals with Catholicism and Spire and Gargoyle which is a Princeton story, but they do not fit as neatly in what I am looking for.

From here I think I want to reread The Perfect Hour which deals with Ginevra King and how she influenced Scotts writing.