Jan 20, 2015

Book 59: An Artist of the Floating World by Kazou Ishiguro

This is the second novel Ishiguro published, and it is very similar to "Remains of the Days"  The theme of reminiscing past work career and how you are remembered is touched.  Now that I have finished the book I am seeing how it is staying with me, unlike "The Unconsoled" but I did have trouble when I was reading the book on keeping the Japanese characters straight and remembering who they were in relation to Ono.  That is frustrating for me to say, because it should not be that way...ugh.  But with that the main theme of thinking your past was more dishonorable than it was.   I moved by the story and wondered how Ono's life would have been different if he released the guilt he carried around.  The reality is most people don't think that much about you and the decision you made.