Nov 9, 2013

Short Stories 38-47: Just too many to list - remaining stories from 1930-1931

The Bridal Party
Two Wrongs
One Trip Abroad
Babylon Revisited
The Hotel Child
A New Leaf
A Change of Class
Between Three and Four
Flight and Pursuit

I am not even sure where to start with this grouping of stories, some them are fantastic, like The Bridal Party, Two Wrongs, Babylon Revisited and A New Leaf.  There are Tender is the Night cluster stories: One Trip Abroad, Two Wrongs and the Hotel Child.  And there are some stories that were just written to pay the bills and lack the finesse of his great stories: Indecision, A Change Of Class, Between Three and Four and Flight and Pursuit.

Honestly I am a little surprised that there is such a wide gap in the qualities of this cluster.  But when thinking about how stressed and strained he was at this point I think it becomes clearer.  he was struggling to complete Tender, Zelda starts having melt downs, Scott is struggling with alcoholism.  It is all just one big jumble, which accounts for some of the stinkers, and the struggles can also help create the gems.

As always, I have links to Fitzgerald Musings where I write in more detail of the stories listed here.