Jul 1, 2014

Short Stories 97- 109: A Whole bunch of Short Stories by FSF and a play

I am trying really hard to finish my Fitzgerald project before my birthday.  I am so close to being done, with only around a dozen stories and essays left, and one play.

So this post is going to be a bunch of short stories that I am pounding out.
97. Ten Years in Advertising
98. 100 False Starts
99. Author's House *
100. On Schedule
101. Family in the Wind
102. In the Darkest Hour
103. The Rough Crossing
104. Magnetism
105. The Bowl
106. What a Handsome Pair
107. Majesty
108. The Swimmers
109. Crazy Sunday

I still have one short story and his play yet to read.  I should have been able to pound them out, but I think I am waiting until I can sit and savor them, especially the last story.  I promise I will have them done soon.