Nov 9, 2014

Book 49: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

I forget where I heard of this book.  I know it was in reference to a follow up coming out. 

The gist of this book... A man with Aspergers decides it is time to find a wife.  He goes about it in the only way he knows how.  He creates a questionnaire to weed out women who would not be compatible him.  Or at least women he thinks he would not be compatible.  In the course of his search he comes in contact with Rosie, a woman who is looking for her father.  In the end the woman he thinks is completely wrong is the woman he falls in love with.

I was interested in this because of the voice of the lead character, Don, who has Aspergers.  I did find it interesting.  I won't say this is an amazing book, but it was good and I am interested in reading the follow up book.