Nov 9, 2014

Book 51: We are All Completly Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler

It is exactly this type of book that gives me nightmares on explaining.  How am I to recommend a book with out spoiling it when it is the that very item that makes it interesting?  Do you get me?  If you are willing to go on blind faith read this story of a girl who loses both her sister and brother, and just let the story reveal itself with out further knowledge.  It is how I would have liked to have read it, but alas I was hooked into the story by knowing what it was about first.

I enjoyed reading this tale, and know there is much to be gained by reading it a second time.  It had me thinking of who I was and what makes me tick.  However, this may not be true for everyone, for me Rosemary has a certain predilection that I share with her and struggle with. But beyond that, the real focus of the story and what it wants you to think about is on point, but I did not find it in a "in your face" manner. 

Give it a try.