Dec 28, 2014

2014 Year in Review...Books

Read 33 Books
Read 57 Short Stories
Abandoned 5 books

This year I finished my Fitzgerald reading project.  I would like to do dome analysis on them, but not sure when that is going to happen.

I have branched off and started reading some more current fiction, and still trying to narrow down what exactly I like in a book, so I am better able to make selections.  I really did enjoy "Never Let Me Go" and "After Dachau".  Those 2 books would be the ones I would recommend to others.

As for the future of my reading?  I do not plan on making any lists on what I will read, but I am sure that when all the challenges start popping up, I will want to join in.  So we will see.  I am just hoping to get more books read in 2015.