Dec 28, 2014

Book 53: The Unconsoled by Kazou Ishiguro

So where to start on a review of this book... I decided to continue reading some of Kazuo Ishiguro's works, and this was the next book I decided to read.  And to be perfectly frank, I do not feel I am up to the task of criticizing it.  This book almost ended up in my abandoned book pile, but it was only saved because of the author.  I want to see if Ishiguro can be listed as a favorite author or if he is merely the author of one of my favorite books.

I did not enjoy reading this book, nor did I understand it, but I won't say it was a bad book.  It is written in a surreal manner and filled with metaphor and analogies.  I really was not up to figuring out what the author was really talking about.  Even with all of that, I was pulled to keep reading about the characters.  I think I wanted to know what happened between Mr. Ryder and his son August.

I may revisit this book... or not, only time will tell.